Zen Guitar Principles


The concept of Yin-Yang

 The ubiquitous icon above represents the concept of duality inherent in nature.

Yin and Yang do not exist independently, but as parts of a whole.

 You may note that inside the Yin is a part of the Yang and vice-versa.

Apply this principle to music: Yin represents a note while Yang is the silence.

Yin the legato and Yang staccato. Low frequencies and high, loud and soft.

Pushing the beat or dragging it. Overstated versus understated.

When properly aligned, Yin and Yang form a work of perfection.

  Note that two Yins or two Yangs do not serve the same purpose.

Strive for balance in all aspects of musical expression and listen....

 When you hear the Yin, play the Yang.